Benefits of Telon Oil for Children

Telon oil is often known as heating oil for babies. Although the use of telon oil is designed for children and babies, it is also popular with adults, you know! Not only eucalyptus oil, minyak telon can also warm the body without a hot sensation. In fact, telon oil has other benefits for babies and children. What are the benefits?

1. Relieves Breathing

Infants and toddlers are advised to use telon oil instead of eucalyptus oil. One of the ingredients in eucalyptus oil has the potential to trigger respiratory and nervous system problems in babies. Like eucalyptus oil, telon oil can also help relieve breathing, especially when your little one is experiencing a stuffy nose.

You can also rub telon oil on the chest and throat of your little one, then massage gently and slowly to relieve symptoms of a cough, cold or common cold. The oil reacts with the mucous membrane, not only reducing mucus but helping to loosen it, so that the mucus is easy to pass. Therefore, when your little one is experiencing symptoms of a cold cough which makes it difficult for him to breathe, telon oil can help to relieve his breathing.

2. Warms the Body

The dosage and composition of each telon oil product is adjusted to the skin of babies and children. This is so that the oil can be absorbed effectively because the layer of their skin is still thin. Because it can be absorbed perfectly by the child’s skin, the positive effects or benefits of telon oil can be felt immediately. Therefore, if applied to the baby’s body, telon oil can help warm the little one’s body.

Especially if your little one has a fever to chills, or is in an area where the weather is cold. When applying telon oil to the baby’s body, you should do a gentle massage to increase circulation in the baby’s body. You can also apply telon oil on the soles of your little one’s feet and wrap them in socks before bed so that your little one feels warm.

3. Relieves Flatulence

Babies generally often experience flatulence because the baby’s digestive tract is not yet fully formed. Telon oil or fennel oil is believed to prevent and relieve bloating in babies. This is because the content of fennel oil in telon oil is believed to reduce pain in the stomach. In addition, the aroma of fennel oil can reduce nausea and provide comfort to babies.

Research in 2016 has shown that a mixture of fennel oil and oil containing curcumin can reduce symptoms in people with mild irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). All study participants reported that their frequent flatulence and pain improved. To relieve bloating in babies, apply telon oil on the baby’s stomach 2-3 times a day.

4. Prevent Insect Bites

If you don’t like spraying insect repellent made from chemicals, rubbing telon oil on your little one’s body is the solution. Just like eucalyptus oil, telon oil also has a strong aroma. This strong aroma makes insects reluctant to approach your little one. Apply telon oil to the baby’s skin before bed to avoid mosquito bites at night.

No need to worry, the use of telon oil in babies is relatively light, so it is safe to use. But what needs to be paid attention is if within 24 hours after applying telon oil, the baby’s skin is inflamed or reddish, stop using it immediately. It is possible that the baby is allergic to the ingredients contained in the telon oil.